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A Little About Myself 

I live in central Florida with my beautiful wife, Mary. We have been blessed with five wonderful children and nine fantastic grandchildren who all call me Papa—a title that has become music to my ears.  


I have enjoyed writing for most of my adult life. When I began my long process of recovery from PTSD due to childhood trauma, writing took on a whole new dimension. It allowed me a way to express myself, something I have found difficult with the spoken word. Writing became more than something I enjoyed—it became an avenue of healing.


We are all sojourners traveling this road of life together. My greatest literary goals are to glorify God in what I write and to bless my readers—that what I write will somehow lighten the burden of this life and enrich the journey. And, if I hit the mark, help you reader find a path that leads to the joy that I have found in the arms of our Lord. 

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